Prenatal workout-Episode 1: Warm up and Stretching

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Exercise your way to a healthy and fit motherhood. A workout for two! To ensure that your health remains intact, you can start working out after your third month of pregnancy with the approval of your doctor. This trailer will show you the safest and most effective warm up and stretching exercises you can practice before and after each workout. I can guarantee that those exercises are safe and truly effective for the specific needs of the expecting mother's body. There are lots of benefits for every workout I will be posting on my channel:
– A shorter labor and an easier birth
– A lower probability of undergoing a C-section
– A quicker postpartum recovery
– A faster return to your original weight
– A better overall attitude and mood
– A decreased morning sickness

Some good advices:
– Listen to your body
– Drink plenty of water
– Don't get too hot
– Work your body. Don't punish it!

After all..
You no longer need to eat for two! You can work out for two!
Donna Saade

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