Prenatal Core Strength And Yoga 35 Minute Workout SuperMOM

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This is going to be the first titled prenatal workout guys! Today we are going to be doing some core strengthening exercises with some light yoga at the end. Now PLEASE speak to your doctor before you continue with this workout please. The core can be a tricky thing when your pregnant. You want to make it strong without breaking it apart and separating it. So this baby safe core workout is a great way to kick off this series.

This workout is made up of 5 rounds. Each round is done twice once on each side. Each round has 4 45 second exercises with 10 second rest!

We don’t have the time, we make the time!

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Round 1
Side 1
Plank Hold 0:55
Plank Knee touches 1:45
1 Leg Plank Hold 2:43
Plank Leg Lift 3:36

Side 2
Plank Hold 4:29
Plank Knee touches 5:24
1 Leg Plank Hold 6:20
Plank Leg Lift 7:18

Round 2
Side 1
Side Plank Hold 8:11
Side Plank Dips 9:03
1 Leg Side Plank 9:56
Side Plank Kicks Offs 10:50

Side 2
Side Plank Hold 11:46
Side Plank Dips 12:39
1 Leg Side Plank 13:34
Side Plank Kicks Offs 14:28

Round 3
Side 1
Hover 15:24
Up Down Plank 16:17
1 Leg Hover 17:13
1 Leg Up Down Plank 18:05

Side 2
Hover 18:55
Up Down Plank 19:50
1 Leg Hover 20:41
1 Leg Up Down Plank 21:33

Round 4
Side 1
Angled Leg Hold 22:28
Angled Leg In Outs 23:24
Angled Scissor Hold 24:17
Angled Scissor In Outs 25:19

Side 2
Angled Leg Hold 26:05
Angled Leg In Outs 27:00
Angled Scissor Hold 27:53
Angled Scissor In Outs 28:47

Round 5
Side 1
Plank 29:41
Plank Step Lunge 30:38
Plank Step Lunge Downward Dog 31:29
Plank Step Lunge Downward Dog Upward Dog 32:24

Side 2
Plank 33:16
Plank Step Lunge 34:12
Plank Step Lunge Downward Dog 35:05
Plank Step Lunge Downward Dog Upward Dog 35:58

Please consult your doctor before attempting this Intense workout.

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