Ploome Peak Performance Prenatal Workout 1: Mat 60-Min.

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We here at Ploome are pelvic powerhouses. We love prenatal and postnatal workouts and all of the amazing benefits they offer to expectant and new moms. We understand that it can be challenging to give yourself a little extra TLC during and immediately after your pregnancy (who has the time these days!?!?).

Our Ploome Peak Performance Prenatal Series offers Ploome women a wonderful chance to strengthen and stretch their pelvic floors in ways that traditional gym classes and group sessions cannot. These Virtual Workouts bring our prenatal and postnatal rockstar-ness to you, right in the comforts of your own home.

This 8-session virtual workout series features 2 star-studded workouts from each of our 4 signature fitness programs: Pilates Mat & Yoga; Pilates Apparatus; Cardio Barre; and Happy Feet Run Clinic (R).

Ploome's Prenatal Virtual Workout Bundle includes one 55-minute session and one 25-minute session from each of our exclusive fitness programs. That gives you 2 mat, 2 apparatus, 2 barre, and 2 run workouts to mix and match throughout your pregnancy.

Don't fret: We are always here to provide guidance and recommendations on how to begin using these videos and combining them as your practice develops!

Call 856.816.8450 or email to learn more about our Ploome Peak Performance Prenatal Workout Series. Visit to purchase this virtual workout bundle today.

Peace, Love & Spandex,
Christina and the Ploome Team

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